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Zone, Division and District
Manager Training
Congratulations and welcome!

As a leader of the Movement's sales organization, you'll be responsible for developing a strong team of sales managers and representatives who will be bringing in thousands of merchants and students into the platform.

In the process, you'll have the opportunity to generate significant income and long-term economic security for yourself and your family, while also achieving the satisfaction that your efforts are helping to make the world a better place. Let's get started!

Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
Team Communications
Team calls are held every Thursday at 10am PT/1pm ET:

Past call recordings can be viewed on YouTube

In between calls, please communicate with the team via our Slack channel.
Team Leaderboard
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night.
CRM (for merchant and team management)
This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
Team Building Assets
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences.
Merchant Activation Assets
We like to make people happy. We ask our clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
Student Signup Assets
We take care about our clients time. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
Getting Started
To build a strong foundation for your business, you'll want to complete each phase in the following order:
In Phase 1, you'll begin securing your team of 8 District Managers (or Division Managers if you're planning on being a Zone Manager)

Once you've secured at least half of your team (4 DMs or DVMs) you can move to Phase 2
In Phase 2, you'll activate merchants in your pilot territory

Once you've activated a minimum of 25 merchants, you can move to Phase 3
Activating students
In Phase 3, you'll recruit students to sign up additional merchants for you in your pilot territory. You'll also provide the opportunity to receive discounts (at the stores and restaurants you activated in Phase 2) to all the students that you speak with

Each time students transact with your merchants, you earn
Phase 1
Building Your Team
In Phase 1, you'll build your team of 8 District Managers (or Division Managers if you're planning to be a Zone Manager).

To do that, we recommend following these steps:
Catch up
Reach out to your contacts (by text, email, Facebook or LinkedIn) and suggest a couple dates / times to catch up and see what each other has been up to.

Upon receiving their desired appointment date/time, in your confirmation message to them mention that they really should check out this opportunity:

Note: When reaching out to candidates that you do not personally know, refer to the relevant FAQ question, below, for a script you can use for initial outreach.
After catching up, ask if they were able to check out the opportunity.

Answer any questions they may have and send them links to individual site pages where they seem to have questions or confusion. For a list of links, see the relevant question in the FAQs, below.

Also, let them know that the requirement to secure a spot, is to get approval from Mike, platform cofounder, and you'd be happy to vouch for them and set up a call.

(If they haven't reviewed the info, schedule another call for a date/time when they think they will have had the chance)
After you've confirmed that they're adequately informed and ready to be considered as a candidate, invite them to connect with Mike.

For your convenience, Mike will do a Zoom call with your candidates 6 days a week (Monday thru Saturday) at 5pm ET (2pm PT).

Zoom call link:

On the call, they'll be able to ask questions and listen to others' questions + answers.

(If you're able to, send Mike and Brian a heads-up that they'll be attending, with their LinkedIn profile URL if available)
As soon as the Zoom call with Mike ends, connect with them to:

1. Let them know whether they've been greenlighted. If so, confirm that they're ready to move forward and address any outstanding concerns.

2. Send them to to secure their spot before their top territory choice is secured by someone else.
Once you've secured at least half of your team (4 DMs or DVMs) you'll be ready to move on to Phase 2.

Do you need help finding leads to build your team? We can help!
We can help you acquire leads - people that have already visited and have shown an initial interest in a District, Division or Zone Manager position.
Phase 1
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a limit to the number of District or Division Managers
I can hire? >>
There are no limits. You will earn a piece of all their transaction and service revenue regardless of their final position in the organization, so you'll benefit from all your efforts.
How much do I earn from my efforts? >>
Go here for a detailed breakdown of your compensation
What criteria should I follow when hiring District Managers? >>
While it's recommended that District Managers have previous sales management experience, you are ultimately the one that decides who will be reporting to you (pending final approval). For a detailed description of the District Manager position, go here
What links can I use for recruiting? >>
Below are links to the pages you'll need when recruiting your team:
  • (to send to candidates in Steps 1 and 2 for general information)
  • (to send to candidates in Step 2 for position details)
  • (to send to candidates in Step 2 for currency details)
  • (to send to candidates in Step 2 for product details)
  • (to send to candidates in Step 2 for mission details)
  • (Zoom link to send to candidates in Step 3)
  • (to send to candidates in Step 4)
    What do I do if I need help or guidance? >>
    For any questions, please email us at

    You can also join our twice weekly conference calls on Monday and Thursdays at 12:00pm ET to get updates to the program and your questions answered.
    Do you have any scripts I can use for recruiting my team? >>
    For use in initial outreach messages (Step 1) to candidates that you do not personally know, below is a sample script that we've found helpful in gaining their attention. You'll want to replace "<Candidate First Name>" with the candidate's name and "<Company Name>" with the name of a company they have worked at where you think their experience there makes them a good candidate for this opportunity.

    "Hi <Candidate First Name>, Launching massive new social platform; interested in your <Company Name> background - substantial opportunity. Details: Keep current job, can do both (remote) and start now despite Covid-19. Limited territories, get back to me"
    When I hire a DIstrict or Division Manager, how soon can they get started? >>
    They can start immediately.
    What do I need to do to take on new territories? >>
    Please email us at
    Can I recruit Division Managers in addition to District Managers? >>
    Yes. If you feel that a candidate has the experience and ability to succeed as a Division Manager, you can recommend that they be considered for that position.
    Phase 2
    Activating Merchants
    In Phase 2, you'll be activating 25 merchants to start your pilot territory.

    To do that, we recommend following these steps:
    Prepare your list of merchants
    Compile a list of at least 75 merchants that are within walking distance (2 miles) to your school.

    Tip: Focus on merchants that appeal to students (for example, food, entertainment and inexpensive retail).

    Using and/or Google Maps, type in your school's address and sort your search results based on distance from the school's address.

    Save the following information on each merchant into a spreadsheet (for your records):

    • Business name
    • Business phone number
    • Business address
    • Facebook page URL for business (you may need to visit merchant's website for this)
    • Business/Manager email or contact page URL from merchant's website
    Sign up merchants
    To sign up your first 25 merchants, follow the CORE training (which is designed for use by your CORE representatives) with the following exceptions:

    As a manager, for signing up your first group of merchants, you'll be able to use the "" domain (such as "") and email address (such as ""). You'll be provided these upon securing your territory.

    Therefore, in the call script instead of saying "UCLA" try saying "UCLA Cares".

    Similarly, for your email signature, you can use your email address for best results when signing up your first merchants.

    For example:
    Jim Smith
    Community Outreach and Relations

    Before you proceed, you'll want to order your merchant consumables so that you will have received them in time for the next phase (Activate merchants). For instructions, see the relevant FAQ question below.
    Activate merchants
    To activate your first 25 merchants, follow the CORE training (which is designed for use by your CORE representatives).
    Phase 2
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What do I need to have (including consumables) when visiting merchants to activate them? >>
    When visiting a merchant to activate them, you'll need your merchant consumables (3 items) and your merchant laminate (your visual aid tool that you do not leave with the merchant).

    Your merchant consumables (per merchant) include 1 plastic counter display, 1 counter display insert (flier) and 2 window stickers (1 on the inside of window and 1 on the outside). These items can be purchased at the links provided below.

    You'll want to order the largest quantity of these items that you're able to, ahead of time, because you won't be able to activate merchants without them. In addition, your overall cost for each merchant (including shipping) will be much lower when you order in bulk.

    Your plastic counter displays can be acquired at any of the following places:

    Your counter display insert (fliers) can be acquired here:

    1. Enter the following details to ensure you receive the right materials:
    Size: 5.5 x 8.5"
    Paper type: 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss
    Printed side: Front and Back
    Bundling: None

    2. Here are the files you'll need for the front and back of the flier:
    Flier front:
    Flier back:

    3. Enter your shipping and payment details to complete your order

    Your window stickers can be acquired here:

    1. Enter the following details to ensure you receive the right materials:
    Sticker Type: Cut to size
    Shape: Square/Rectangle
    Size: 5.5 x 8.5"
    Paper type: 70 lb label gloss
    Rounder corners: No
    Bundling: None

    2. Here is the file you'll need for the sticker:

    3. Enter your shipping and payment details to complete your order
    How many merchants should I activate before moving to Phase 3? >>
    We recommend that you sign up and activate at least 25 merchants before moving onto Phase 3, however, if you are able to activate more you will find it helpful in expediting your results in Phase 3.

    In Phase 3, you'll be recruiting students to both become sales reps for your territory, as well as become transactors within the platform. Students are attracted to both opportunities based on the discounts they can receive from local merchants, so the more merchants they can get discounts from, the more enticing your offer will be to them.
    Phase 3
    As soon as you've
    activated 25 merchants (Phase 2)
    you're ready for Phase 3 training